Bookshelf can not fall over even earthquakes

Ceiling brace type earthquake resistant bookshelf

“Brace-resistant bookshelf” is an ideal bookshelf that was developed for products specially designed for earthquake resistance, which is sold with ceiling brace-type earthquake-resistant tools as fixtures.
It is a product that was commercialized after seismic tests with the same seismic intensity 6 to 7 as at the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster “Earthquake resistant earthquake” is a registered trademark of Yamagyo limited company.

Due to the impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Kumamoto Earthquake, designs with pre-stressed rods set to be marketed in these large furniture for home use.
Immediately after the earthquake, to increase the earthquake resistance of the furniture already existing in the house, a brace bar fixed with a point and a brace bar plus a top plate fixing it with a surface were being described, but the month and day also flowed recently As the opportunity for moving and replacing also increased, design furniture with sticky sticks started to appear from the beginning.
The bookshelf which tends to be particularly large tends to be a substitute for a chest as well and is often placed in a narrow room or space such as a child’s room or living alone, and its seismic resistance when a large earthquake occurs is becoming to be questioned.

The tip of the brace bar is fixed with the plate and screws pushing upward.

If the bars and boards are not fixed, they will shake and the board will fall and the bars will break through the ceiling.

Goods similar to the “bracing earthquake resistant bookshelf” are sold from the beginning with products sticking to the bookshelf with sticks and top boards.
If you look closely it is a book shelf with a brace bar and a top plate with only the spurious seismic resistance original shockproof property, the main spindle board of the bookshelf is not a single board but a board with a connection type seams was used Are on the market.
Such products are not used deep screws, nuts and springs on the brace bar that should support the ceiling and the bookshelf, just the top plate is riding on the brace bar.
To people who are not familiar with the structure of “bracing earthquake resistance”, it is stuffy and refreshing because it is stylish and invisible because it does not see rugged metal fittings, so it looks like a bookshelf with sufficient earthquake resistance so it is troublesome.
In that state, the board is easily displaced due to the shaking of the earthquake and falls, and the brace bar is to break through the ceiling.

The most important bracing function is to apply tension with a spring (spring).

There is no point in a brace bookshelf without a spring.

The most important function of “bracing earthquake resistance” is to apply tension (tension) by the spring (spring).
The brace bar of “brace-resistant bookshelf” is fixed deeply with a double nut to the outer plate of the bookshelf, and has a spring that has a force to extend in the direction of the ceiling with a spring.
As a result, even if it receives a big shake, the top plate of the brace bar does not come off but it is made to adhere to the ceiling and pass the shake.
A bookcase with a brace with a spring with no such function does not make sense because its earthquake resistance can not be expected.
When studying purchase by looking at a product similar to a braceed earthquake shelf, we recommend that you check first whether the spring or a strongly fixed nut stop has been applied to the base of the brace bar.

It is important that the board on the side of the bookshelf is a single board.

The strength is weak when it is a joint plate. Also, there is a danger of cracking if the thickness of the plate is not more than 2 cm. Pay attention to cheap goods.

The plate used in “brace resistant bookshelf” uses a single board with a width of 2.1 cm with high earthquake resistance.
The thickness of the main spindle of 2.1 cm is a thickness that is difficult to deflect and crack when subjected to earthquake shaking, and the risk of the single plate also breaking from the joint of the plate is very small.
Inexpensive bookshelves are thin with a main shaft thickness of 1.5 mm, and the outer plate which is the spindle plate also uses joints with low joint strength, so in the case of a big earthquake the bookshelf Besides falling down, breakage beyond the imagination that cracks and breaks can occur.
Even if only a fall of a large bookshelf is dangerous but damage to the main body of the bookshelf has occurred, damage is large at the time of the accident, even if it is safely done, it is dangerous to withdraw the troublesome difficulty is predicted I will.

Conduct earthquake resistance tests on the bookshelf to check if it was developed.

“Brace-resistant bookshelf” performs earthquake resistance experiments at the same seismic intensity 6 to 7 as the actual large earthquake disaster before development and commercialization.
Based on these experimental results, safety design is made of metal parts parts such as the width of the thick plate, double nut, spring specification, thick long body screw and fall prevention bar and details.
Even if you choose to purchase earthquake resistant furniture for a new machine, even if you think it is somewhat cumbersome, as long as the explanation is insufficient and it is hard to understand, of course, even if you are convinced that it is apparent and earthquake-resistant, just to be sure It is safe without having trouble after confirming whether it is a commodity made product by performing seismic experiments later.
Even though it is better to be cheaper, in the present situation there is no big price difference between the brace resistant design and the pretense earthquake bookshelf, and if you can get a good item that can be relieved with only advance confirmation, Products developed by experiment are recommended.



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