Do not forget the earthquake countermeasure of the air conditioner

Is the air conditioner falling down in the event of an earthquake?

In the event of an earthquake, falling of various things is assumed, but now is the air conditioner installed in many houses falling down? Considering the actual case, the falling of the air conditioner occurs as it is during the earthquake. Because the air conditioner is very heavy, the impact of the fall is great, it is also an element that expands the damage. It is not that all air conditioners fall, but how easy it is to fall is determined by how carefully it is installed during installation. Although air-conditioners that are properly fitted with piping are said to be extremely difficult to fall off, in fact there are not many cases that are fixed firmly there. We recommend that you prepare for a disaster such as an earthquake, thinking that there is a risk of falling.

In the bedroom there is also the possibility of falling on the face

In general, there are few things in the bedroom, and in many cases there is nothing to prevent the air conditioner from falling. In addition to that, it is not uncommon for people who are sleeping right under the air conditioner. However, if the air conditioner falls asleep, there is a risk of serious injury. There may be few people who have air conditioner, but it is heavy as it is It will be a big shock by dropping from near 2 m. Even those with air conditioners on the foot side are also at risk of broken bones so we need to take some sort of earthquake disaster measures. When an earthquake occurs, it becomes hard to evacuate because it becomes injured or becomes unable to move because it becomes underlay of the air conditioner. Safety of air conditioners is very important to keep running away.

Firmly fix the air conditioner

The air conditioner is a device that will not fall easily if correct piping is done. In fact, however, it gets loose little by little after installation, and the fixation is not enough due to insufficient technology of the installer. This is a major reason why the air conditioner falls. In other words, if you fix the air conditioner firmly, you risk that the risk of falling can be lowered as much as possible. It is said that the air conditioner that is actually installed correctly will not fall unless the wall breaks. You can rest assured by asking a construction contractor etc. to make sure that the air conditioner of your home is correctly installed. Regular maintenance is important because it can be considered to become loose by passing years.

We also need to pay attention to the outdoor unit.

The outdoor unit can also be dropped during an earthquake. In particular, outdoor units installed in unstable places may have a risk of falling in unexpected directions, so there is a possibility of generating a big hazard at the time of an earthquake. We recommend installing it in a stable place for stable operation of the outdoor unit. In condominiums and so on, we prepare multiple outdoor units, so we can see the cases that are stacked vertically, but this also has a risk of collapse and needs attention. As a general rule, stacking up to 2 pieces is necessary, and when loading more than that, it is necessary to take measures such as preparing a rack. When moving to an apartment or an apartment, it is also possible to check how to install the outdoor unit. Safety not only indoors but also outside is important.

The outdoor unit has tools to prevent falling

For the convenience of its shape, the outdoor unit may fall over even if it does not fall. In addition, falling may lead to falling. Therefore, there are tools to prevent falling that can be used for outdoor units. Tipping prevention tools are various from metal-like to mat-shaped, so you can choose according to the location. If there is a falling prevention tool, it will be easier to install it somewhat in an unstable place. In principle, it is important to install in a stable place, but it is also useful when installing in a place that is inevitably somewhat unstable. In the event of an earthquake, various things inside and outside the house may fall. Therefore, it is better to reduce the risk of falling even a little. Good examples are air conditioners and outdoor units.



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