Tips for storing kitchen safely even if an earthquake occurs

Fear of earthquake occurrence in kitchen with many dangerous items

Earthquakes occur frequently in Japan recently. Earthquakes will never happen, but it is important to have it thought that it actually happens. It does not matter where you are going, but the kitchen is said to be particularly prone to danger from earthquakes. In the kitchen, pots and hotplates are often kept on the shelves, and it is also possible that fragments of dishes falling from the water shop will be scattered on the floor. In addition to those, even if it falls like a refrigerator or a microwave oven, there are very dangerous equipment. Unlike living room, it is difficult to hide yourself under the desk. The kitchen is a dangerous room during the earthquake, such as when there is an earthquake occurring during cooking, there is a risk of causing serious damage if fire is not extinguished immediately.

Preventing falls of cupboards and refrigerators, preventing falling of microwave ovens

The cupboard and fridge are furniture that can cause great damage if it falls down. Therefore, prevention of falling is important. What can be used to prevent falls is L bracket and brace bar. L bracket is a metal fitting to fix furniture and wall. It is effective for furniture which is often installed along the wall like cupboards and refrigerators. As long as the wall itself is not destroyed, there is a high possibility of preventing falls and it can be expected to greatly improve safety. The brace bar is a tool that supports furniture by the ceiling. This is also effective because it can give high safety, but can not be used for low furniture. Special stoppers are sold in the microwave oven. Because microwave ovens exceeding 20 kg are not unusual, it will be necessary to take safety measures with stoppers.

Do not put anything burning near the stove

There is a fire in one of the things that will increase the damage of the earthquake. Although it is necessary to immediately stop the fire when an earthquake occurs while cooking is done, it may be impossible to immediately turn off the fire if the person who was cooking has fallen, etc. I will. Therefore, in order to avoid fire even in case of delaying the fire by any chance, let’s not place things that are easy to burn around gas stoves. There are cases where you have salad oil, but this is very dangerous in case of an earthquake. It is recommended that you leave the kitchen paper and the like away. Daily convenience is also important, but far more important than that is the safety of those who live in that house. You can reduce the damage of the earthquake if it does not cause a fire.

Heavy things · Under the cracks, light things on the cupboard

Even if you are careful in the event of an earthquake, things fall down rapidly. Even casual things like pottery cups are serious if they fall over the head. Let’s keep things that have weights even a bit like that, or those that are likely to lead to major injuries when falling as far as possible. As cracks will fall and break, the damage will increase, so we recommend putting it in the lower shelf. Things to keep in a cupboard are light or fragile. An example of what meets these requirements is plastic. There is no problem even if plastic containers etc are stored in a cupboard. It is a dangerous thing to store heavy water bottles etc on the upper side, so let’s keep it in the lower side.

Split dishes divided into plastic cases and stored

Plastic is light and has characteristics of being difficult to break, so it is useful to stop the damage of the earthquake. It is recommended because it becomes hard to break if placing a dish that is easy to crack in a plastic case sold at 100 yen shop, etc. or fragments do not splash even if it cracks. However, when placing a large amount of broken tableware in one plastic case, strong force may be applied and the lid may open. Let’s put in a moderate amount. If the plastic case is too fragile it will be ineffective, so it is a point to prepare a plastic case with a certain strength. After using the dishes, please take a habit of closing the case tightly and let’s prepare for any chance.



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