Food and water to be prepared for disaster prevention

2 adults × 1 week worth of food and water

Water disasters are often thrown out, so stockpiling of water is essential. Adults need 21 liters of drinking water per week, so if you convert to 2 liter PET bottles, it is 1 case and 4.5 pieces because it is 1 case 6 pieces. If it is a couple, it is enough for 3 adults because it is two adults, but it is very safe to prepare as much as one case for securing water for washing hands for hygiene. Since the food is three meals a day, 21 meals per person is necessary. Because it is a considerable amount even for one person, if you buy alfa rice cooked rice etc that you can increase with as much water as possible and hot water as much as possible, you will not be stuck in the storage place. Also getting tired of having only rice, if you also prepare bread and biscuits in the cans, stress on food will be reduced.

Cassette stove and cylinder also stock

In disasters feel uncomfortable and stress makes me feel depressed. If you eat cold and tasty meals there are feelings depressed. So we recommend you to prepare a cassette stove. Even if gas stops, you can boil hot water in a pot and eat hot food. Hot meals raise the body temperature and warmth transmitted from the vessel has the effect of calming the heart. In homes where infants are located, we must also take care of hygiene even during the disaster. If you use a cassette hob, boiling and disinfecting dishes can be done, so it is encouraging to have one. It is the stock of the cylinder that we should not forget. Since it will be short-lived during the earthquake, be sure to stock 2 or 3 bottles. It is safe to put a single stove in the closet as you can usually use the cooker for pots etc on the desk.

Eat from the refrigerator first

There may be a power outage in the event of a major disaster. The trouble at that time is that food in the refrigerator will be damaged. If you have a cooler box, let’s transfer the refrigerator and refrigerator etc first. If you keep it in a cool place, carry it until the next day. Even if you prepare an emergency food, let’s eat from the refrigerator on the day. The taste of a side dish you always eat can calm unstable feelings. Also, in the event of a disaster garbage collection will be delayed, it is best to think about post-processing to eat before it gets rotten. Rice in the fridge can be stored on rice balls with lap and eggs can be stored at room temperature so if you eat it later, you can store food for a long time. But since I am eating normally I am fine! Let’s absolutely not eat anything that has expired or is damaged. It is totally overwhelmed if you lose your physical condition.

Luxury items are also important, but be careful about salty over

The food stock at the time of the earthquake tends to be the minimum necessary, but I will spare time while waiting at home and stress will accumulate. In that case, I like to recommend a favorite sweets and drinks and other luxury goods. The taste familiar to eating will ease tension and anxiety, do not you? But I would like to pay attention to salty. There is a possibility that if you eat potato chips and instant noodles with high salt content while dehydration risk is rising due to water shortage etc., you will lose physical condition. I will definitely eat it, but let’s decide the amount of instant noodles as one per day etc. If it still can not bear, it is safe because you can eat without leaving your stock of salted products beforehand. And do not forget to supplement the moisture after eating a lot of salt.

Emergency foods regularly taste & replace

I bought an emergency food, but it has expired and has it all been discarded, is not there anything? There is nothing wrong, and aligning from 1 is also a big financial burden, is not it? Rolling stock is recommended for such people. It is a way to use canned goods and pouch products etc. in everyday life and to buy lost parts every time. I can naturally replace emergency foods and it is good to reduce waste. Emergency food also has a difference in taste depending on the manufacturer. Especially small children are sensitive to taste, so it will not be delicious during the quake, so you will have trouble to eat. If you have a product you care about, purchase it and try it out with your family. You can also check the taste of emergency food, and it is clear how to use it is two birds with one stone. In order to spend even a little comfort during a disaster, it is important to look for delicious emergency food.



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