Correct attachment of brace bar to earthquake resistance of furniture

The position to be stretched is the back of the furniture, the wall side

The famous brace bar as furniture earthquake countermeasure goods is one of the earthquake prod- ucts sold very well at home centers after the earthquake and mail order.
However, it is necessary to understand that sufficient earthquake resistant effect can not be obtained unless you install correct way just because there are many families in use.

In terms of earthquake countermeasures, the installation place of the brace bar, which is considered to be the most effective, is the opposite end of the furniture (wall side).
When furniture collapses, since the front side moves so as to collapse forward, there is no effect when installing the brace bar in front of the furniture or in the center and supporting it.
Therefore, in order to prevent the rear side of the furniture from floating and falling down, it is important to set the rear side of the furniture so that both ends of the furniture (wall side) are supported by a stick rod.

The gap between furniture and ceiling should be as narrow as possible

When furniture is newly placed in the room, it is important to select furniture that is difficult to fall down during the earthquake.
Furniture with earthquake resistance is furniture with depth, as narrow as possible between the ceiling and furniture.
If the furniture itself has a depth, it increases stability only by itself, and it becomes hard to fluctuate back and forth.
Also, if the gap between the ceiling and the furniture is narrow, the furniture shakes back and forth, and when the rear side floats, you can use it on the ceiling, so the risk of collapsing in front is reduced.

If the furniture has already been placed and the distance from the ceiling is wide and there is no depth, after installing the brace stick correctly, you can grab L brackets, belts, chains, sticky mats or combine with stoppers If you take countermeasures with matching techniques, you can improve the fall prevention effect.

Stick to a place with a beam at the back of the ceiling

Most of the ceiling is a thin plate

The ceiling of a typical Japanese house is made lightly and it is not sturdy.
Despite having taken measures to prevent furniture falls, such as push rods, there are not many cases where furniture has been overturned.
If a hole is opened in the ceiling and the furniture is severely damaged, it may be due to the installation of the brace bar at the part where there is no structural strength of the ceiling.

The part of the ceiling with the earthquake resistant effect by installing the brace bar is not the only part of plaster board (gypsum board) plus plywood of the ceiling, but the place where wood and rebar pillars are contained.
The way to distinguish the pillars that are hidden by the wallpaper is a place where “deflection” is less when pushing the ceiling.
Since places where there are many deflections are only plaster boards or plywood boards, it is incorrect to install a brace bar and damage is great and it should be avoided since it will have an adverse effect.

If you want to stretch in a place without beams, bite it so that it hits the beam and stretch it.

Because the brace bar does not fix the screw, it is simply an anti-tip tool fixed with a pole caught and fixed, If it is used on a ceiling with no beam structure, depending on the scale of the earthquake and the direction of the shake the brace penetrates the ceiling and fixed There is a danger that the furniture that is no longer able to fall will fall easily.
However, there are times when it is not possible to use the brace properly, such as when the already installed furniture is not largely moved under the beam, when it can not be placed under the beam well due to the layout of the furniture.

If you are concerned about the strength of such a ceiling, prepare a thick plate with the same lateral width strength as the furniture so that the force is applied on the surface, and use the brace bar after bite it to hit the beam, the same effect It can be obtained.
In that case, bond the bottom of the plate and brace with double-sided tape or screws to increase the strength.

It is ideal to straddle a plane rather than a line, line rather than a point

Fastening of furniture by brace rods is a way to support at points, so it may not be supported enough when the seismic intensity increases.
In order to increase the earthquake resistant strength in combination with the brace bar, the method of pinching the auxiliary plate, which was also used for a ceiling without a beam, is often used.

When holding the board one by one on the ceiling and the top board of the furniture, you can catch the earthquake shake with the face, not the point, so the earthquake resistance effect will increase.
At that time, it is necessary to bond the bottom of the plate and the brace with double-sided tape or screws to increase the strength.
These are not limited to DIY, they can also be purchased because they are sold as brace bar + unit board (linear / planar) products.
There is also a method to reinforce the earthquake resistance by placing corrugated cardboard filled with light clothing which is not usually used in the space between the ceiling and the brace bar and furniture so as to fill the gap.



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