Earthquake countermeasures to protect children more than anything

Emergency carry-out backpack to prepare to protect children. Baby’s essential item.

I think that an emergency carry-out bag for cases where there is a natural disaster, as well as at home, is prepared. Let’s check what you prepare in case of emergency, especially in families with children. If you have a baby, it is necessary to make a diaper. When there was an earthquake, diapers and milk became difficult to purchase due to the buying up. What I should prepare is cloth diapers. If you bring out the minimum diapers and cloth diapers in the bag, you can wash and use it again as soon as water can be used. Also, we recommend that you prepare one size larger paper diaper to prepare. Those who replace the contents of the bag with beans tend to be good with the size you are currently using, but since it tends to keep going inevitably, we recommend that you prepare a size that can be used for a long time.

Is it safe where infants sleep?

An infant refers to a child under 1 year old. The neck is sitting from birth, turning over and playing hi-hi. Even if an earthquake occurs, it is impossible for you to judge yourself and escape yourself to a safe place. Even if there are falling objects, it is impossible to protect your head or to avoid it.
An infant with a lot of time sleeping in the day needs to be safe in the place where he is sleeping. First, it is not the window side. Since there is a possibility that the glass breaks when a big earthquake occurs, it would be better to avoid the window.
Under the electricity is also dangerous. Electric borders and even light bulbs are dangerous.
I think it’s okay if you are sleeping in a baby bed
If you are accompanied by parents and brothers, be sure to check that there are not large furniture that falls around.

Assume to evacuate with an infant.

An infant refers to a child over the age of 1, but I think that if he is about one year old he or she is grabbing and walking is many children. Also, children 2 and 3 can walk firmly and stand firmly, but it is difficult to be able to hear instructions firmly in emergency. How do you evacuate when that happens? There is also a way to walk by connecting hands, but in order to evacuate more smoothly, I think that the hugs and strollers are good. Since strollers can load luggage, we recommend that you make it possible to take out the stroller at any time as much as possible. Also, if the emergency carry-out bag is on hand, the hand will be blocked while there are children, so it is recommended that you make it possible to open the hand as much as possible by making it a backpack. Also, if you can walk yourself, we recommend that you prepare children’s shoes for evacuation in your bedroom.

Earthquake countermeasure for kindergarten students

Since I have evacuation drills even in kindergartens, I think that children also may know that an earthquake may occur. It is important to understand and memorize well when talking, so it is important to tell firmly what to do in case of an earthquake. Also, if you have brothers, let them cooperate and evacuate smoothly. Also, if you are playing outside of your home, you need to simulate well which places you often go for and whether you should wait there and decide the meeting place to join. When going to kindergarten, follow the instructions there carefully and tell the things you can meet later to eliminate anxiety. It is also important to prepare for cases of emergency, but it is important to talk carefully so as not to make it too uneasy.

Earthquake countermeasure of children’s room

Since Japan is a country with many earthquakes, I think that it is necessary to confirm with the child the movement when an earthquake occurs from day to day. If a big earthquake happens, it is scary to fall of furniture. If you are in a room with only a child, there is also the possibility of being trapped in the room. If an earthquake occurs and no fire has occurred, it will be necessary to open the doors and windows and secure evacuation routes as soon as the tremors are stopped. It is also necessary to take measures beforehand so as to fix the furniture firmly and not to drop it. In the children’s room, it is necessary to grasp a place where children can stay for a long time such as beds and learning desks firmly when safe shaking is felt at the window side. It is important to talk with your child firmly before the earthquake occurs.



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