Disaster prevention set, what is really necessary

When preparing a disaster-prevention set, what is “something”?

Now that people are increasingly aware of disaster prevention, many people think to prepare disaster prevention sets in preparation for something.
So, in preparing a disaster prevention set, I will introduce what I want and what I want.

First of all, whistle, whistle, and drinking water can be cited as disaster prevention sets absolutely.

And, be sure to prepare with a disaster prevention set, such as drinking water, retort, emergency food such as instant, cracker, canned food, medicine and animals, bandages, medicines such as medicine for those who drink medicine every day, Clothes that can be worn, cold weather, blankets, underwear, socks, gloves, rain gear, warmers, candles, matches, lighters, flashlights, portable radios, batteries, towels, tissues, wet tissues, plastic bags, sanitary supplies, oil ballpoint pens Oral Magic, Crockery, Spoon, Flute, Compass, Knife, Rope, Vinyl Sheet, Knife, Scissors, Washbasin, Portable Battery, Flashlight, Coin, Identification Card, Savings Account Passbook, Personal Seal, Insurance Card It is what we are doing.

It is good to put these in a backpack and prepare for evacuation in case of emergency.

Introducing recommended items among disaster-prevention goods you want to prepare

Although there are various things that are regarded as disaster prevention goods, I will introduce recommended goods among them.

Since it is honestly serious to arrange disaster prevention goods one by one, we recommend the one with necessary disaster prevention goods set as a set.

We carefully selected what you need, so you should have bought that as well, so it’s nice to have bought this too, so it’s convenient to have it prepared.

Although it is a set for one person, it is also recommended for those who want to prepare as a family member because there is also a family set.
There are also lightweight types that can be carried even by children and women.

If you prepare a disaster-prevention set, you can add underwear and other items that you need personally, so it is a pleasing point that you do not have to prepare from this place.

How should we choose disaster reduction goods? Introducing how to choose

The way to choose disaster prevention goods is to know “those with a high priority among them”.

As goods with a high priority, the first place is water and an emergency food.
This will take at least 3 days’ worth.
It is said that water is a standard 3 liters per person.
Emergency food has images of campan, but things that are not used to eating can not pass throat, so it is recommended to choose favorite confectionery or instant, retort, canned food etc that you are accustomed to eating.

Goods of the second highest priority is “light”.
It is good to choose the light hand crawl type light.
It does not need batteries, it can be recharged simply by turning it, so it’s really useful when in emergency.

The third priority is “portable radio”.
It is necessary to know accurate information at shelter.
Mobile and smartphones can not be charged if electricity is cut off or can not be used unless electricity passes through a television or personal computer, so if you prepare a portable radio, you get information even if electricity stops can do.
We will select spare batteries as well.

Goods of the fourth highest priority is “regular medicine”.
Because it is easy for you to feel sick while you are evacuating medicine you are used to headache medicine, stomach medicine, intestinal medicine, cold medicine etc, are indispensable.

I would like you to absolutely choose drinking water, emergency food, lights, portable radio, medicines as disaster prevention goods, remember as always wanting to keep it constantly, the light is a hand-crafting type that does not require batteries, electricity stops Even though you can use portable batteries that you can use, pick up familiar medicines, familiar sweets and long-term storable foods, prepare.

Idea Disaster Mitigation Goods made with familiar things

I will introduce the idea disaster prevention goods which familiar things can transform into disaster prevention goods.

First of all, it is “lamp using tuna can”.
Prepare one tuna can and one tissue, a tool to make a hole in the can.
Tissue is ripped in half, it becomes thin and thin.
This will be the core of the lamp.
Let the core be about 2.5 times the height of the tuna can and make a hole of the size where the core sticks.
Pierce the core in the opened hole, leave it for a few minutes, let it penetrate into the tip of the core and apply fire, it is completion.

Next, I will introduce “idea slippers just to fold newspaper”.
Since you can make one slipper with one newspaper, prepare two newspapers if you make one foot.
Open the newspaper, fold it in half and lay it sideways.
Next, fold from the right to the left as it heads towards the middle.
Fold it again in the same direction from right to left, and make a firm crease.
Turn over the folded side up, with the one not overlapping on you, turn it over and fold towards the middle at about one-third of the horizontal direction and fold further to make the width overlap .
Hold one side in the other side, fold the top of the last remaining fluent inwards, fold in and fold back and finish it.
If you put a newspaper folded sheet on slippers you made in place of insole, it will be more robust.

Both lamps and slippers are items useful at evacuation centers, so it is good to remember the idea and master how to make it.

Introducing how to make a simple disaster reduction goods

It is convenient to make a “simple water tank” using cardboard and plastic bags when carrying water from the water supply point when water is cut off.
You can make 1 box of cardboard and 2 plastic bags with carriage and carry cart, just assemble the cardboard and insert plastic bag.
Then you can put water in a plastic bag, bind your mouth, carry it in cardboard and carry it or store it.
Since there is a concern about water leakage if it is only one plastic bag, it is good to prepare two sheets and double it.
We carry it using a cart or a carry cart.

If you have a rucksack and a garbage bag you can also have a simple water tank on your back.
Prepare one backpack and two garbage bags, put them in a backpack and make them double to triple.
Then put water directly in the bag.
Put water while holding it with your hands and put it in the weight that you can lift with both hands.
It is completed by tying the mouth of the bag individually for each bag and closing the Fucar of the backpack.
It is convenient to transport water with stairs etc. which can not pass by cart.

In addition, cardboard and plastic bags can make “a simple baby bath”, it can also be a “simple bucket” that can store water.

Then, I will introduce “simple mask” that can be used as throat protection and cold protection in the event of a disaster.

It is a kitchen paper and a paper towel, four rubber bands, a stapler to make one mask.
First, fold the kitchen paper and paper towel gently in half.
Open the halved paper and fold it from the top and bottom toward the center fold to make it pleated.
Fold it further and open up and down toward the outside.
Turn over the folded paper, fold it towards the center, fold it toward the center at the end, and complete the mask main body after making it into a bar shape.
Fold two rubber bands, fold the mask body left and right, fold the rubber band across it, and stop the end of the mask sandwiched between the rubber bands with a stapler to complete
Open the mouth softly, open the mask after putting the rubber band on one ear, rubber on the other ear and you can do it well.



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