Really recommended brace bookcase

Anti-earthquake resistant test, cleared brace resistant bookshelf

Hanshin Awaji Great Earthquake, East Japan Great Earthquake, Kumamoto Earthquake … In the recent large-scale earthquake damage that occurred one after another, the danger of collapsing large furniture in the room was questioned.

Large book furniture such as large bookshelf usually not even Bikri is not only collapsed due to seismic intensity 7 earthquake but collapses, fear that the bookshelf will fly is revealed.

Falling of big judgment brings the risk of big life alone if there is a person or thing by the side, and if there is a corridor near door and entrance, it will obstruct evacuation route.

If the damage to the destruction of the bookshelf after the fall is severe, the risk of approaching will increase and the removal work will be made more difficult.

“Bracing earthquake resistant bookshelf” which is made as an earthquake disaster countermeasure is a set of strength book shelf main body and brace stick set which cleared the earthquake resistance test.

Earthquake resistant experiments of seismic intensity 6 to 7 classes

The reliable safety of “bracing earthquake shelf” is to conduct earthquake resistance test equivalent to seismic intensity 6 to 7 class disaster earthquakes.

Even if the error due to the environment of the building or room actually installed is eliminated, product development after carrying out the earthquake resistance experiment is meaningful and supports the high degree of safety.

Although it can be confirmed with the videos of the selling maker, even when using only the bookshelf even though it is an earthquake-resistant bookshelf, the earthquake with a seismic intensity of 6 strongly will fall over in a blink of an eye.
“Brace-resistant bookshelf” can be handled well even when earthquake resistance measures to withstand earthquakes of seismic intensity 6 to 7 classes is also settled, by setting and selling a set of correct bracing rods of type supporting the bookshelf that fits the bookshelf.

Slim packaging that will not be exaggerated at the time of shipment, because the powerful wrench of the dealer’s original comes with it, it is possible for even one woman to assemble easily to put more power from the spanner for the home.

Durable shelf board and structure

One of the big features of the bookshelf of “brace-resistant bookshelf” is that the main spindle (the side plate of the main body) is thicker than the thickness of 2.1 cm and normal 1.5 cm, it is made of a seamless single plate.

There is a strong strength in the bookshelf body without breaking like a thin width board or broken from the joint like a connected type board.

First of all, if there is strong earthquake resistance in the bookshelf body, even if it receives the tremor of the earthquake the board will bend and will not crack or break and damage will be avoided.
If you place the brace correctly on such a shelf shelf, safety will be higher without falling or destroying the bookshelf in case of emergency.
The thing scared of in the case of a major earthquake is not only the falling of a large bookshelf occurring during the swing but also the risk of a broken bookshelf after the destruction of the bookcase main body falling over and the earthquake shaking and the risk of losing the evacuation route It is time.

Support by the surface, push by the spring

The second feature, which is the big feature of the “brace-resistant bookshelf”, is that the brace rods for stretching the space between the ceiling of the room and the ceiling of the bookshelf are specially designed to support on a stronger surface rather than a point.

The two struts are devised such that the force which pushes against the ceiling by the spring and the force to screw with the screw which is fixed with the double nut with the double nut and screwed to the side plate than usual is applied.
In similar products, when installing a brace bar, the brace of the brace will take a shape penetrating the ceiling of the bookshelf, so the storage of the top row will be restricted, but in the “brace-resistant bookshelf”, the bookshelf and the surface bracing rod With the set sale of the set, the method to embed the metal fittings on the side plate has been taken, has become a highly original product that made it possible to strengthen the earthquake resistance and compatibility of the storage ratio 100%.

Moreover, it is designed to support around the edge width 3 cm wide in Japanese houses.

With stored bar fall prevention bar, looks fashionable

“Brace-resistant bookshelf” prevents collapse of the bookshelf simply by using a fall prevention bar attached to the main body, as well as preventing the stored book from dropping, even in an emergency situation scattering in the room It will be possible to minimize it, making the narrow space of the child’s room safer.

Not only earthquake-resistant design but also interior furniture there is efficient and spacious wall storage capacity without back plate, you can choose the color of 3 beautiful woodgrain tones (White Walk, Walnut, Brown).

There are two types of main body of 45 cm width and 60 width, and by combining, a stylish wall rack can be assembled.
With additional options, shelf boards and desks are attached, and it is a feature that seems easy to use that you can arrange to your liking.



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