Earthquake countermeasures in the office

Earthquake countermeasures in the office

Workplace design and corporate measures

Japan is a country with many earthquakes. In a company managed in it, there is earthquake countermeasure in one of the work of the company. One of the company’s jobs is how to reduce the damage at the workplace in the event of an earthquake and continue the work.

For example, to arrange the desk, make space between desks wider so that movement can be done smoothly. Also, look at the desk arrangement from the entrance lead. Build a desk arrangement plan so that it is easy for you to move to and from the entrance is a way to prevent earthquake problems in the workplace.

For companies and companies, it is essential to reduce earthquake damage as much as possible, as earthquake-resistant insurance, earthquake countermeasures as earthquake countermeasures when building buildings, earthquake-prone countries.

Design of office furniture and design from the standpoint of earthquake countermeasures

It will not break in the event of an earthquake, it will not collapse

It is office furniture that is resistant to earthquakes that is necessary for corporate earthquake countermeasures. For example, it is earthquake countermeasures such as the design that the furniture does not collapse when it shakes with an earthquake, or the design that the door does not collapse due to the impact of the earthquake.

As office furniture for recent earthquake countermeasures, there are office furniture designed to prevent the door from opening while the sensor is working when many are shaken by an earthquake. With those furniture, the door will open during the earthquake, the contents will jump out and the passage to escape will not be blocked.

Moreover, it is not to be necessary to prevent earthquakes. In the event of an earthquake the furniture collapses, it becomes an underlay, and the escape path is occasionally closed. In office furniture, we put a weight on the back side of the bottom part, we do not stumble, thereby reducing troubles during the earthquake.

Trouble prevention at the time of earthquake, and earthquake countermeasures at facilities

Depending on the company, buildings and factories may be equipped with elevators, power supply facilities, water supply sewage facilities. It is necessary to reduce the risk of damage to those facilities during an earthquake and to be able to use those facilities.

Especially in companies, it may be equipped with large electric equipment and machine tools. In such a case, if power supply is damaged first, those facilities can not be used, so earthquake countermeasures of power supply equipment will become necessary first.

For example, it is to make the whole block holding the power supply unit structure resistant to earthquake, rain and water damage. It is to keep the power supply unit at a high place, to keep water from sticking, and to keep the structure of the power supply unit from vibrating even during an earthquake.

By doing so, it is possible to prevent troubles such as the submersion of the power supply in case of earthquake, flood damage, and breakdown of the equipment inside the company.

Security measures at enterprises, their tasks and points of attention are

What we need as a security measure in a company is that security equipment moves reliably in case of an earthquake or other disaster. Therefore, it is necessary that security-related devices have independent power supply, apart from the normal power supply.

By moving the security device with an independent power supply, it is possible to prevent the security device from becoming unusable at the time of a power outage, thereby preventing a new trouble from occurring.

Also, security is necessary for security of personal computer equipment. Instead of connecting the information equipment directly to the AC power supply, by temporarily connecting the battery to a power source or the like, it is possible to prevent the power supply from being instantaneously dropped in the event of a power failure, thereby causing information equipment to be damaged.

Stockpiling to be kept in company at the time of earthquake or disaster

Water, fuel, food …

It is possible to stock food in the company in case it can not move from the building of the company in case of an earthquake or other disaster or when you can not get other food. It is mainly water, food, fuel etc. By stockpiling these, you can survive in the company when there is some trouble in the company.

The important thing here is to always keep it fresh. Because there is water and food expiration date, it is meaningless if there is thing that the food stocked at the time of being empty can not be eaten. Therefore, I think that it will become necessary to regularly consume the old food in the stockpile in the company’s work. Then, to consume water as a drink in the work, consuming food and replenishing the consumed amount again is not it?



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