Know the type and characteristics of shelves for earthquake countermeasures

Open shelf that can be decorated fashionably but weak against falling objects

It is shelf that is becoming popular as both storage and interior are compatible. In addition to the storage of books and magazines, I think that there are also people who are decorating favorite goods and small houseplants. However, in the case of an open type shelf, things stored in the event of an earthquake or the like may fall one after another. Even though books etc. are not so heavy in a single book, a lot of quantities fall together to give a big impact. There are also cases where the load applied to the wall during shaking increases due to the shelf. Although open shelves are convenient, it is important to properly implement countermeasures against the earthquake disaster, so be careful not to put too heavy things together with other storage means.

Cabinet valid if small earthquake

In the event of an earthquake, things falling may lead to increased damage. Therefore, it is effective to prepare a cabinet with a door so that things stored do not fall down. However, in case of an earthquake that is too large, attention is required because the door of the cabinet opens with Pakapaka and falling can not be prevented. Let’s remember that it is a small earthquake that can endure a cabinet to the last. Also, if the door of the cabinet is made of glass, there is also the possibility of expanding the damage in case of damage. When preparing the cabinet by earthquake countermeasure, we recommend choosing one that is not glass, or devising the installation location. The basics is to avoid installing in a high position.

The chest will be a countermeasure against the earthquake, but be careful of a fall

Drawer storage such as chest of drawers is called chest. As you can see from the image of the chest, there is no worry that the contents will come out unless it is too shocking. Chest is also useful in terms of complementing important things in terms of preventing falling objects. However, it is necessary to be careful about the fear that the chest itself falls. The more it is stored in the chest, the heavier it becomes, the greater the impact when falling will be the bigger. The heavier one is less likely to collapse, but it is common to many furniture that it is dangerous when the heavy one collapses. When the weight is biased towards the upper side, the center of gravity goes up and it tends to fall easily, so it is important to store it as much as possible, so that the lower part of the storage becomes heavier.

Durable steel rack

Speaking of shelves in many cases it is made of wood, but there are some steel made of steel racks. Steel racks are extremely durable and do not budge with a little shock. Even in the case of a major earthquake, I have the feature that there is no worry about breakage if there is not much happiness. Also, because it is heavy, there are very few cases that fall down. However, being heavy means that the impact when collapsing will be very large, so you need to be careful. In addition, because the steel rack should contain heavy objects often, its impact will be substantial. In the vicinity of the steel rack, we recommend that you do not go to bed as much as possible. In the event of the earthquake disaster, it is dangerous because you do not know which one you will collapse.

Wall storage with earthquake resistant function on top is recommended

Those whose walls are stored from the ceiling to the floor are called wall storage. It is one of storage methods whose attention is rising due to the recent rise in awareness of earthquake resistance. Many things with the earthquake resistance function are placed in the upper place, it can be said that it is perfectly suited to prepare for earthquakes etc. It is easy to use from the point that it does not take up much space, and it is possible to make both interior quality and earthquake resistance compatible. However, care must be taken that the durability of the ceiling will be affected to some extent. It is because there is a fear that each wall and ceiling will collapse unless it is a solid ceiling to a certain extent. Conversely, if the ceiling is sturdy, you can expect a lot for durability of wall storage. However, let’s not overload it.



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