What will happen if an earthquake occurs indoors?

“Secondary disaster” that is more scary than the earthquake and its countermeasure

The disaster caused by the occurrence of an earthquake is said to be a “secondary disaster”. Possible phenomena as secondary disasters include fire, tsunami, cracked rock falls and the like.
Gas leakage and wiring abnormality etc. are raised as the main cause of fire occurrence. With regard to fire, it can be said that it is the highest probability disaster as the secondary disaster caused by earthquake occurrence. As a countermeasure method, if earthquakes are confirmed, let’s check whether the gas is not leaking or not. Also, in case of evacuation after the earthquake occurrence, it is also effective means to shut off the circuit breaker to prevent fire.
Tsunami is the most dangerous natural disaster that can occur after the earthquake. Especially those who live in coastal areas can be said to be a secondary disaster that needs vigilance in particular. The magnitude of the tsunami varies depending on the magnitude of the earthquake and the location of the epicenter, but let us check the tsunami information first when an earthquake occurs. As soon as you confirm the occurrence of the tsunami you need to condemn it.
Broken rockfalls are caused by cracks or crumbling of mountains on the ground due to the occurrence of an earthquake. As a countermeasure, it is important not to approach the ground surface where cracks occur after the earthquake occurs, or where the fallen rocks can occur.

What is earthquake disaster prevention manual? Behavior to be done after earthquake occurrence

A manual called Earthquake Disaster Prevention Manual is released at the Fire and Disaster Management Agency for earthquake and earthquake occurrence. In the Earthquake Disaster Prevention Manual, it is stated that it is extremely important for each person to take appropriate actions in case of an earthquake.
As a concrete action, if you are indoors, for example, “Let’s go down under a sturdy desk or table and hold the legs of the desk etc. tightly.” “Protect the head with a cushion and wait for the shake to fit For example, in case you are at school, for example when you are outdoors, when you are riding in a vehicle, for example, detailed countermeasures are stated according to various situations, We recommend you to check once. In preparation for the actual earthquake occurrence, it is important to wear correct attitude from everyday.

Behavior to take when the earthquake that should be known happens and before it happens

What you can say as an action to be taken in preparation for an earthquake is to wear the correct attitude from everyday so that you can act calmly in the event of emergency as a major premise. In addition, when an earthquake actually occurs, it is necessary for each person to take appropriate action without panicking.
Before the earthquake happens, we need to share discussion information with our family from everyday, so that we can take action in the event of an earthquake in a panic as an action we should take. Specifically, it can be said that it is effective to check the method of contact with the family, and check the evacuation route from the home and the evacuation place. It is also important to regularly perform maintenance of stockpiles in preparation for disaster prevention.
Even if an earthquake actually occurs, it is also necessary to check the manual so that you can behave in a panic.
When the shake stops, first check the surroundings and secure your safety. It is important to judge whether to gather information quickly and evacuate.

Timing of evacuation and things to keep in mind

When an earthquake actually occurs and the tremors fall, the surroundings are checked first. We will collect information promptly after confirming whether there is anyone injured in the family, whether the fire has occurred indoors or in the neighborhood. When grasping the danger of secondary disasters such as tsunamis and the damage situation of the building and feeling the necessity of evacuation, it is important to evacuate to a safe place immediately after leaving the building.
As a matter of caution when evacuating, to prevent secondary disasters such as fire breakers are to shut off and try to leave home. Be careful not to get injured or accident when you move, evacuate with a stockpile prepared for emergency. However, it is necessary to keep the stockpile at the minimum necessary to the extent that it is not a burden at the time of movement.
Regarding evacuation sites, it is important to check in advance as the number of designated cases such as schools, public facilities, convenience stores, gas stations, etc. is increasing.

Earthquake countermeasure taken at home

According to a survey by Tokyo Gas in Japan, where the damage caused by earthquake disasters has occurred many times in recent years, only 40% say that they are taking some measures. Conversely, 60% of people are living without any measures taken. However, it is also true that whether or not this countermeasure is carried out leads to whether or not you can protect your life when an earthquake actually occurs. Since we are taking measures, 100% is fine or not, it is not necessarily so, but at least the probability of surviving is higher than those who have not taken measures.
What measures should be taken actually is, for example, not to put things in high places or to close the curtains of the race as a way to prevent the window glass from scattering. It is also effective to review the placement of furniture such as TV and chest as a measure against falling over.
A small stack of daily leads to protecting your life in emergency.



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