Earthquake countermeasure of furniture that you can do

Risk of falling furniture due to earthquake

The danger of furniture falls due to the earthquake became apparent was the Great Hanshin Awaji earthquake. It was because as a result of the survey that the quake of buildings collapsed and the pressure death due to the fall of the furniture occupied a considerable proportion in the earthquake where more than five thousand people were sacrificed.

In particular, many damage caused by the fall of bulky furniture such as the chest of drawers in the bedroom came out. Based on that, in the houses of condominiums and detached houses built since then, built-in type closets have been changed to specifications that it had from the beginning.

In addition, the risk of falling furniture is not only the risk of becoming underlay directly. Wooden buildings also cause damage to the floor and walls, which can even indirectly lead to damage to the building.

Arrangement of furniture to secure evacuation route

Panic occurs even if you are accustomed to a house, when you are obstructing the course with fallen furniture in the place of sleeping or evacuation from the usual place to the outdoors. The worst, if the furniture clogs the door it will not even be able to go out and the evacuation will become extremely difficult. Therefore, careful consideration should be given to placement of furniture so that evacuation routes can be secured.

The things to notice in this case are not only to prevent falls and movements of furniture, but also the risk of scattered objects that are stored in furniture and scattering, or the risk of objects falling on the top board falling It is necessary to make a multifaceted examination such as sex, the risk of glass of the glass door attached to the furniture being scattered, and whether there is nothing to prevent walking through the corridor.

Furniture fall prevention part 1: Fix furniture to wall, floor, ceiling

Furniture that is likely to fall over due to earthquake will be fixed to the building to prevent falling. However, the thing to be aware of in this case is that it is necessary to check whether the fitting point of the metal fitting for preventing falling matches the ground of the floor, wall or ceiling.

This is true even if the structure of the building itself is a reinforced concrete structure. If the floor, wall and ceiling are made of concrete, even if the metal fittings can be installed anywhere, even if it is an apartment usually of RC construction, the partition walls paste the board on the framed framework There is only it.

Just by tightening the fall prevention hardware to the board without the base with screws will easily escape with earthquake shaking and can not prevent falling of the furniture, confirmation of the base is indispensable. Otherwise reinforcement will be required on the wall and ceiling.

Furniture fall prevention part 2: Lower heavy objects down, light things up, lower the center of gravity of furniture with stored items

A big earthquake will not fit quickly. If it is repeatedly shaken strongly, it becomes unstable as furniture with a heavy thing on it, and eventually it will fall over. It may be easier to understand if you remember the principle of the pendulum.

In the Kumamoto earthquake it is said that it was one factor that increased the damage of building collapse, as there were many heavily tiled houses. Even a solid foundation building becomes more likely to collapse when becoming so-called head-to-head.

More than anything else is involved in furniture. Fall prevention measure is not to make furniture cranky. Even though each piece of clothing is light, even if it is folded and stored, it becomes considerable weight. As a kimono, make heavy items down like a kimono, for example, bulky like a sweater but also light clothing on top is made difficult to fall down.

Protect safety by preventing falling and scattering of stored items

When a huge earthquake occurs, acceleration like the Formula 1 Grand Prix Formula car is added to the building. This acceleration is one factor causing the stored matter to splash. This is a phenomenon that happens equally well with the built-in closet and the stored items that are put in the built-in closet.

An object thrusts through a bran and jumps out. To prevent this, first of all it is important not to overload objects, but at the same time as a way of storage, such as subdivision into boxes, ingenuity that things do not splash is also effective.

Even if it is stored in a box, since the principle is the same as prevention of falling of furniture, it is important to incorporate ingenuity that does not make it unstable, such as heavy ones down, light ones on, so as to prevent scattering I will.



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