Let’s participate in disaster prevention events that can be learned happily

Learn with fun disaster prevention events

Many people understand the importance of preparing for disasters, but there are not many people who actually do something. So we are holding disaster prevention events that national and local governments and private organizations can learn while having fun. It is easy to remain in the impression if you can feel it is fun and there is a high possibility that you will be able to participate in future disaster reduction events, so there are not a few cases that emphasize this “fun”. For example, in a state where safety is completely secured, experiencing earthquake shaking on a machine is also one of many people who wants to “do”. Recently loose characters related to disaster prevention have appeared, and efforts to make disaster prevention as close as possible are invented and practiced variously.

Idea to enjoy disaster prevention

Speaking of disaster prevention, there are images that are difficult and time-consuming, so various ideas are adopted to make it enjoyable. For example, creating disaster-prevention goods is becoming one of the disaster prevention events popular among parents and children. In addition to using disaster prevention goods created actually, it is a major purpose to have interest in disaster prevention through the creation of disaster-friendly goods. For disaster prevention events, lectures are held frequently. However, even if you talk for a long and difficult story, there is a fear that you may lose interest except those who are more interested. Therefore, there are many cases where ingenuity has been made so that people who watch it as an animation or a quiz format do not get bored.

Disaster awareness of children

Some children have never seen disaster news on television. It is not difficult to teach children who do not know the fear of disasters about the horror of disasters, but if disaster prevention events are just that, fear will only be planted. Therefore, efforts are underway to encourage children to participate in disaster-prevention events even in favorite characters. If you raise awareness of disaster prevention from children, the possibility of doing future preparations will also increase. In addition, there are many opportunities for disaster prevention events that both adults and children can enjoy, so you can learn disaster prevention easily. Entry fees for these events have been set as cheap, so it’s easy for everyone to participate.

Disaster prevention event of 2017

Various disaster prevention events were also held in 2017. Among them, the “Wakuwaku Disaster Prevention Experience Classroom Disaster Preparedness Study Fun Parents and Learning ~ Disaster Preparedness Symposium 2017 ~” held in Kojimachi, Kojimachi Ward in Chiyoda Ward was very popular. In this event, there were many events such as disaster prevention goods making, digestion, earthquake and emergency experiences as well as lecture on disaster prevention. In addition to this, learning to prevent accidents in everyday life, riding in a battery car, etc. were just plenty contents. To do so far, you need a suitable facility, but since a big event is held several times a year, please take a look at TEAM Disaster Prevention Japan’s website by all means if you are interested.

Disaster prevention event of 2018

Various disaster prevention events will be held in 2018 as well. Especially large scale is “Shinjyuku Disaster Prevention Festa 2018” to be held in September. This is an event to be held at Tokyo Metropolitan Outer Mountain Park and Shinjuku Sports Center. Disaster prevention experience for children “Isa! Frog caravan!” Is prepared as an outdoor event. As you can see from this name, the place where you can enjoy disaster prevention while enjoying it is an attraction to the last. In addition, there are a lot of entertainment that you can actually experience such as seismic, ladder, fire fighting training. Entry is free, so anyone can easily feel comfortable participating in the event. Since volunteers are also being recruited, we recommend that you access the homepage of your shoulder interested.



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