Let’s review bookshelves for earthquakes

Is the performance of the brace of the bookshelf safe?

The memories of the Hanshin Awaji great earthquake, the Great East Japan great earthquake, the Kumamoto earthquake and the large-scale earthquake that occurred in recent years are still vivid, and it seems that there are many families who are doing earthquake countermeasures such as brace sticks for big furniture.
However, the rapid popularization of brace rods also includes many things that are questioned for their performance.
Indeed it is meaningless if the maximum withstand pressure corresponding to seventh seismic intensity class is 2 tons, first of all, it is meaningless as to the brace rod which is surely earthquake resistant.
The brace bar is more effective than the type that supports at the point of only the support pillar, the type which supports on the side using the high density urethane attached to the left and right two support columns and the board and the board is high effect.
For the joint part, things that do not stretch or shrink easily are loosened, and things that are easy to remove and attach are easy to reinstall, but those who move easily and when replacing furniture are saved.

Bookcases in the top and bottom split type are liable to collapse.
We recommend an integrated bookshelf.

On the bookshelf, there is a large one-piece bookshelf, and a bookshelf that is easy to install and is vertically divided to fit the interior of the room.
The bookshelves of the upper and lower dividing type can choose the height of the half shelf according to the amount of the room and the book as compared with the integrated type bookshelf and the thickness of the plate supporting the bookshelf is also thin so that it is easy to move at the time of moving or changing the form , It is lightly made.
For that reason, the upper and lower split-type bookshelves installed so as to stack 2 stages and 3 stages have low earthquake resistance against large-scale earthquakes, and even if the bracing rods are installed, the bookshelves stacked on top of the bookshelf slide off There is a possibility.
Also, if the thin board of lightly made bookshelf breaks under the vibration of the earthquake, it leads to large destruction of the bookshelf body and it becomes a state of extreme danger in the room.

There is a danger of cracking if the thickness of the plate is not more than 2 cm.
Pay attention to cheap goods.

Unless the thickness of the bookshelf’s plate is 2 cm or more, there is a danger that the deflection plate will break due to the vibration of the earthquake leading to destruction of the entire bookshelf.
Not only the dangers of the bookshelf collapsing but also the state of collapse while it is destroyed is more dangerous if there are people or things in the vicinity and even if the collapse is enough, the broken wood that is bare is scattered around it, Subsequent removal work will increase difficulty as more risk increases.

Even in a bookshelf that seems to be safe in a bookshelf at first glance instead of an upper and lower division type, in a cheap piece of furniture, it is a weak thing with a plate thickness of 1.5 cm, and there are seams on side plates that support the upper and lower sides of the bookshelf, There is a danger that it is broken only at the joint of the side plate, and it is greatly damaged.
Because such a built bookcase has no earthquake resistance, it is cheap how much it is cautioned when purchasing.

There is an ideal bookshelf.

The condition of the reliable earthquake shelf is that the shelf main body first performs earthquake resistance test and clears the earthquake resistance test against earthquake of earthquake class of intensity 6.
The condition for clearing this test is that the thickness of the plate used on the bookshelf is 2 cm or more, the side plate is not connected type (no joint), it is made of a single plate.
This makes it difficult for the board of the bookshelf to crack, the sideplates will not break, the strength of the bookshelf as a whole will increase and the earthquake resistance will increase greatly.

Also, in addition to preventing the main body of the bookshelf from being destroyed, it is the shape of an ideal earthquake-resistant bookshelf to make a bracing earthquake.
Earthquake resistant experiments have proved that there is earthquake resistance against the seismic intensity 7 class earthquake by firmly fixing the vacant space of the ceiling of the bookshelf and the ceiling of the room with the brace which supports the surface.

The motion picture of the earthquake-resistant experiment is highly persuasive.

There are manufacturers that manufacture earthquake-resistant bookshelves by performing earthquake resistance experiments on bookshelves.
The persuasive power of the video of the earthquake-resistant experiment is high, and if you are sleeping under such a bookshelf you will be attacked by a terrifying feeling of terror that you will be afraid of thinking about falling in front of the door.

Because the scenery of the study room with the large bookshelf and the study room is also very intellectual and quaint thing, there are many people who use books like collection books, as well as interior as well as interior.
As a result, the bookshelf that collapses due to earthquake-resistant experiments is a type that is often seen in workplaces and schools, especially in general households and one-room rooms, so the sense of fear increases in the realistic images.

Because the video of the earthquake resistance experiment becomes a big criterion for purchasing furniture, we recommend you to look into those who consider purchasing from now.
If you have already set up a bookshelf, check points to be checked, guidelines for reinforcement and movement, content to be considered for replacement can also be considered.



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