Earthquake countermeasures for large mirrors

Risk of mirror breakage due to earthquake

Earthquake countermeasures tend to be distracted only by fixing furniture.
However, not only furniture is dangerous.
There is a possibility that the mirror may break due to the earthquake.
If the mirror is in the corridor, there is also the danger that the evacuation passage will be blocked by the broken mirror.
If a large mirror is installed on the wall, it will vibrate greatly due to the earthquake, so distortion will also occur on the wall.
Then the mirror on the wall falls, the mirror which can not bear the distortion and vibration of the wall cracks and it scatters to the floor.
Even if it is a mirror that puts on the wall instead of putting it, it is natural, but if it collapses, the mirror will break.
Cleaning up after the broken mirror is dangerous in any case.

Unfortunately, an earthquake will probably occur in the future.
In case of emergency it is necessary to prevent the mirror from cracking and criticizing it or not being in trouble cleaning up.
Even those who already have mirrors and those who are planning to purchase mirrors from now on are encouraged to take measures in advance to prevent the mirror from breaking.

Mirror made of film that will never crack

The original mirror is made to reflect various things by reflecting silver thin thin film on a glass plate.
Because it is made of a glass plate, it breaks even a little impact.
For those who are considering buying mirrors from now on, we recommend a mirror made of film that will never crack based on earthquake countermeasures.

Even though it is a mirror film … It may be hard to see the image.
The glass part of the original mirror is made of transparent film.
If you do not use glass, you might imagine a distorted mirror like a mirror of a child’s toy, but it is rather a luxury item with no distortion at all.
Also, since you are using a film, you will see the cloudy appearance in the mirror … the question will also come up.
Mirrors using film are like mirrors with glass, so it is okay because it will not be cloudy at all and will be very beautifully reflected.

Mirrors using film do not use glass unlike ordinary mirrors so even if the mirror collapses due to an earthquake or the like, there is no injury like glass scattering.
If you are planning to purchase a mirror from now on, please choose a mirror made of a film that is safe and safe and absolutely unbreakable.

Choose a mirror to prevent scattering

No matter how much it will not crack, you may want to choose other mirrors absolutely for reasons such as budget, mirror size and frame design.
For those who like it, a mirror for scattering prevention processing is recommended.
Scatter prevention processing mirror is a mirror made with glass.
If you are using glass, you think there is a danger of cracking if an earthquake comes in.
In the case of a mirror for scattering prevention processing, it is a mirror that has a special film coating applied to the glass part during the mirror manufacturing process.
Therefore, even if the mirror cracks in case of a disaster such as an earthquake, there is no danger that the glass part of the mirror will split and splash.

Even if the glass cracks, it is a scattering prevention processing that will result in a cracked state.
That’s why mirrors that do not splash even in mirrors that use the same glass are safer than general mirrors.

For those who choose mirrors that use glass, we recommend a safe scattering prevention processing mirror next to the mirror made of film.

Put a scattering prevention film on the mirror which is now

Some mirrors made of film which can not be broken absolutely, There is also hesitation in choosing the mirror for scattering prevention processing, some people already have mirrors already installed.
Even though I like the mirrors very much … Although there are mirrors, there are many people who say they purchase new mirrors ….
In that case, we recommend a means to put a splash-proof film on the mirror.

Just paste the scattering prevention film on the mirror now.
However, it can prevent fragments from splashing even if the mirror cracks due to an earthquake etc. by any chance.
With this method you can continue to use safely without changing your favorite mirror you are currently using.

It is a mirror of gifts from someone who is important, sticking to the interior … the reason is various.
If you have a mirror with attached attachment, we recommend that you put a splash-proof film on the basis of any chance.

Fixed firmly on the wall with a chain to prevent falling

Although there are various shapes in the mirror, I think that there are many people who use the stand type mirror and stand up the mirror as it is.
The room is very stylish when you use it with a stand type mirror or mirror on it.
But if a big earthquake comes, think about what the mirror will become.
In either case, if the collapse collapses the mirror may split and the debris may splash.
There is a possibility of doing major injury if you make a mistake one step.
It is important for danger avoidance to take measures beforehand so that the mirror does not collapse considering the emergency.
If you are using a stand-type mirror or a mirror that is not used for scattering prevention processing, it is recommended to first prevent scattering.
Besides, let’s fix the mirror firmly on the wall with a chain so that the mirror will not collapse even if an earthquake occurs by any chance.



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