Disaster prevention goods that women recommend

Disaster prevention goods recommended for ladies are difficult

What kind of thing are there in the disaster prevention goods recommended for women?
There are some things that vaguely thinks, but it will be forgotten if it is past the throat, and it will be puzzled even if you try to arrange it unexpectedly.
Even if disaster prevention is said to a bite, there are things that women want to prepare at the center of the epicenter or in the vicinity due to the large earthquake like the former East Japan great earthquake, if the transportation is paralyzed in the metropolitan area OL , There are things that the housewives housewives and women who have workplaces near their home think that they need it.
Some people are in menstruation, others are breast-feeding, and there are things difficult to say for women in a bite.
Here, we will introduce disaster prevention goods from several days to about a week, assuming the ladies who worked or the housewives who suffered damage although they did not suffer direct damage such as the destruction of lives and buildings .

Do you need fashionable disaster prevention equipment?

Although the combination of disaster prevention and fashion seems to be a contradictory thing, it is easy to understand from the usual consideration of fashion that considers disaster prevention.
For example, outdoor brands blousons and trekking shoes that are well worn in everyday life are highly waterproof, cold weatherproof, safety is also high and fashionable.
Backpack is also lightweight and highly functional.
Also, large stalls etc. can be used not only for cold weather but also for wrapping cloths, sling widths, blindfold curtains.
Fashionable lights used in ordinary interior also make it a convenient solar LED lantern for carrying, it will serve as a light that illuminates the surroundings widely when it is emergency.
Lei coat is also convenient when changing clothes, if it makes it a fashionable poncho type.

Disaster prevention goods recommended for ladies with convenience

Disaster prevention articles that are convenient are portable chargers (battery type), dry batteries, emergency bedding (thermal blanket), cash, masks, large oval vinyl bags, cairo, saran wrap (do not soil the dishes), gloves, tool knives , Medicines, lanterns (lights that illuminate a wide area), flashlight, water tank, gum tape, memo, disaster prevention goods.
In addition to this, things that are useful for women include sanitary products, toilets, poncho (change of clothes other than Ray Coat and breast feeding), milk, baby food, hair rubber, shampoo without water, wet tissue.

In addition to this, in the disaster prevention article iron plate, LED multifunctional radio light (manual handling · solar charge, portable charge is possible), drinking water, food, food heating bag, whistle, ambulance set, these are sold in the bag as they are in the bag So we can quickly prepare feminine supplies in addition to these.
Bags are convenient to find multifunctional things from everyday, depending on size and preference.
Water supply tanks and whistles can be purchased even at 100 equal shops.

What is useless disaster prevention equipment?

For unnecessary disaster prevention equipment, rope, vinyl string, tent can be mentioned.
People who prepare for unknown disaster prevention have many people with images like camps in their hearts.
Because bulky, paper cups and disposable dishes are also bulky and difficult to reuse, some plastic products and saran wraps do not waste water.
Other than that, there are many conclusions that facial cleansers, cosmetics, and toothbrushing sets were not necessary in case of emergency.
Also, if you have a radio light, you can omit the flashlight.
As for the tissue, there is also opinion that you can use the person who pulls out the toilet paper and crushes it.
As a woman, I’d like to have about 2 underwear, but if it is a few days I have sanitary supplies.

Simple disaster-prevention goods that can be handmade

What we have introduced so far was mostly disaster prevention equipment to purchase and prepare.
But disaster prevention goods have things that can be handmade.
It is a rain poncho ranking for children made from a large-sized thick-sized plastic bag, but as people who have been studied variously, their idea is just eyeing the eye.
For example,

Tuna can lamp: After use it can eat contents.
Slippers made by folding newspaper
Pleated mask of kitchen paper
Simple water supply tank made of vinyl of cardboard
Diaper of plastic bags and towels
Cardboard cot and baby chair
Dishes made with advertisement paper
There were people who actually tried and tried everyone at the meeting of local community association.



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