Balance of interior and earthquake countermeasures

Tips to give you a sense of fashion while taking earthquake countermeasures

The accumulation of small ideas is the point.

Scary at the time of the disaster, glass scattering.

Even if you have slippers, you can not evacuate safely in the room where the glass was scattered.

To prevent this, you can expect a big effect simply by attaching the stay and wire for preventing the fall of the TV on the back side, or simply making the plastic as much as possible such as cups and vases used normally.

By reinforcing with invisible parts, by coping with visible parts in a form that does not impair the appearance, you can make a room without damaging the interior.

Also, sucker type bar hooks may fall down during earthquakes.

I do not have to worry if it is a cloth like a towel, but if it falls collectively like marbles and fly-backs, it will interfere with evacuation,

It is safe to reinforce the bonded part with transparent tape.

When the adhesion part is white When you use black gum tape, it is recommended that a fashionable feeling comes out here as well.

Basic not to display as much as possible

I am unprotected when I am asleep. Earthquake countermeasures in the bedroom are particularly important.

As an earthquake countermeasure, it is important not to place tall furniture as much as possible.

Particularly dangerous is bedroom, obviously sleeping will be unprotected.

I would like to display variously around the bed, but if you want to decorate without putting things around the pillow in the bedroom, let’s substitute with a wall seal or the like.

Also, although it is basic not to put high furniture such as bookshelf, if you want to put it by any means, by buying high furniture up close to the ceiling and fixing it with the ceiling with a replacement rod, the stick also becomes inconspicuous and damages the interior Countermeasures can be taken without it.

Also, in order to avoid panic at evacuation, it is also important to prepare evacuation shoes regularly.

If you can put it on the lower secondary line of the bed, you can take countermeasures without damaging the atmosphere.

Avoid ornamental glass products as much as possible

Let’s consider whether it can be replaced by a plastic product.

If an object falls on the floor at the time of an earthquake, it will interfere with evacuation.

Storing furniture such as chest in the living room is extremely dangerous because the drawer may jump out when an earthquake occurs.

Therefore, by installing a slip on the bottom part hitting the entire face of the chest, you can prevent the drawer from jumping out by creating a difference in height in the front and back.

When installing objects with chests and TV stands, it is important to assume the case of falling to the floor, so that you always choose things that will not interfere with evacuation even if you fall.

Let’s try to avoid breaking glass products as much as possible by falling and consider whether it can be replaced by plastic products.

Such small accumulation leads to risk mitigation in case of emergency.

Let’s try to keep in mind from the usual.

Figures and plastic case storage cases are extremely dangerous if they fall down

Recently, popularity of figures and plastic models has also risen sharply as the popularity of animated cartoon representing cool Japan is rising.

Even in the modern era of digital heyday, I am pleased that popular in conventional analog media.

These figures, plastic models, etc. are not only made but also many people who decorate them on the rack for viewing and collect them.

For the most part, I think that it is often that the whole surface is glazed to prevent dust, but if it falls to an earthquake occurrence, it is very dangerous, so select a big one that can be fixed with a ceiling and a tie rod, the lower part tapers What is in the shape is safe.

It is ideal that the width trees are avoided further.

By installing it perfectly on the wall, the downward stability will increase.

Full utilization of cushion material

Easy to install, let’s prevent falls and falls due to earthquakes etc in advance.

As a countermeasure to prevent falling of household appliances and furniture, we have a method of attaching a gel cushion to the bottom part.

Currently it is sold up to seismic intensity 7 earthquakes that can be dealt with, prices are also affordable so we recommend.

Because it is small in size, it is difficult to stick it repeatedly and it is not noticeable, so you can easily fix the display, printer, component etc. of the desktop computer without damaging the interior.

Also, I think that there are many families in which the TV board houses equipment inside with a glass door.

Although remote control operation is easy and convenient, it is very dangerous because there is a possibility that the equipment will splash the glass at the time of the earthquake.

Even in this case, it is safe to prevent the glass from breaking by fixing the equipment with a cushion.



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