Measures to protect flowerpots from earthquakes

An important potted plant falls down due to an earthquake, the risk of falling

If there is a big earthquake everything in the house may collapse. Potted plants in the garden etc. are no exception. Especially the potted plant that is set a little high will fall and the fragments of the flower pot will scatter around. This includes not only that potted plants are broken but also the risk that they may be injured with fragments during evacuation. Regarding potted plants, as with other furniture, it can be said that there is a high necessity of taking measures against earthquakes. Some potted plants may be like treasures that they bred for years. With a little mind I can reduce the possibility that the potted plant will be broken. Since we do not know when an earthquake will occur, it is important to deal with it earlier.

Basically put potted plants as low as possible

There are also cases where potted plants are placed at high places with the balance of the shape of the garden and balance with other figurines, but the shock of the fall becomes larger the more it is placed at the higher place. Potted plants are never light, so the risk of falling out of high places is undeniable. Therefore, it is essential to put potted plants basically in a low position. It is not a fall, but if it is a fall, the risk of damage will be reduced considerably. Even if you can not put it directly on the ground, you can reduce the possibility that potted plants will be broken by conscious of the lower position as possible. Basically the garden is not concrete, it should be soil, so it will absorb some shocks. However, it will be difficult to prevent damage to potted plants even if it falls from high places. Therefore, low position is important.

Veranda, window-side, absolutely fixed at high places

There are cases where potted plants are placed in a place such as a veranda or a window. If potted plants placed on the veranda fall by an earthquake, in the worst case there is a danger of hitting those who are outside. If it does, it will be a serious damage, so be sure to fix it, you can easily purchase instruments to fix potted plants at home centers or mail order. Also, it is important to be conscious of the position that does not fall out even if it collapses by any chance. The same is true for the window. Potted plants placed at the window are not outside, there is a high possibility of falling down to the house side, and if you are sleeping by the side it can be a serious thing. We also recommend using this tool to fix it securely. Let’s set it in a position where it will not fall if possible.

Place the tall plant in a stronger and heavier bowl than that.

Basically the center of gravity is below the pot plant. This is because the soil is often heavier than the plant itself. However, tall plants are an exception. If the height of the plant is high, the center of gravity tends to be high and the risk of falling will increase greatly. Also, the taller plants will have greater impact and damage than collapsed plants when they fall. So make the flower pots used for tall plants large and heavy. There is no problem even if a large adult is too heavy to move it. A tall plant is often heavier than it looks and a considerably heavy flowerpot is needed. If there is no earthquake countermeasure applied to potted plants in bedrooms, etc., there is a danger that the damage will be increased in the case of the late-night earthquake.

A large bowl covered with a wooden box

By making the flowerpot itself big and heavy, the possibility of preventing a tall plant from falling up is increased, but if it collapses still, the flowerpot itself can be a dangerous presence this time. Of course, not only the impact of collapse but also cracking can cause a large amount of debris to splash. In the event of an earthquake it will be difficult for him to move, even if it is just an earthquake, if the fragments scatter, the danger will rise significantly. Therefore, we recommend covering the large flower pot with a kind of wooden box. In this way it will be difficult to fall down thanks to the wooden box, and even if it cracks it will splatter the fragments in the box. Growing plants is wonderful, but it is also important to do earthquake countermeasures at the same time.



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