Building a safe bedroom even when an earthquake occurs while sleeping

An earthquake occurs in an unprotected bedroom with a probability of one third

In recent years there are frequent large earthquakes and it is expected that the Nankai Trough big earthquake will occur soon. There are many who are concerned about earthquake countermeasures.
When considering the disaster prevention of the house, the first thing to consider is the bedroom.
People sleep about one-third of the day. This means that when an earthquake occurs, with a probability of about one third the person is in a state of being unprotected in the bedroom.
Therefore, it is necessary to carefully pay attention to furniture placement and installation method, etc. so that the risk of injury of yourself and your family will be reduced even if there is an earthquake while sleeping.
In addition, we must always keep a state where we can evacuate surely without panic in the event of an earthquake.
Here we will summarize the points in disaster prevention of such bedrooms.

Attention to the arrangement of the window glass and the bed

The first thing to be aware of is the arrangement of the window glass and the bed.
When a major earthquake occurs, the building will be distorted and it will crack as soon as a heavy load is applied to the windowpane. There are also a number of instances in which broken pieces of broken glass scattered vigorously and caused injuries, and injured in actual broken pieces.
To reduce such risks, first place the beds far enough away from the window glass.
Also, closing the curtains and blinds is effective in reducing the momentum of the flying fragments, and recently convenient items such as window glass scattering prevention films are easily obtained. Just pasting these on windows will further reduce the risk of injury. As I wrote before, the bedroom is an important point in disaster prevention, so it would be better to preferentially paste it from the bedroom of the prevention film.

For the tall furniture of the bedroom, there are more than enough measures

Next, it’s about tall furniture such as chest of drawers and shelves. Such furniture has a high risk of falling in the event of an earthquake and falling of such furniture is one of the major causes of injuries in the room during an earthquake. Take measures firmly and reduce the risk of injury.
From the standpoint of disaster prevention, it is best not to put tall furniture in the bedroom. However, there are many cases that it is not realistic in reality, so please take the following countermeasures.
First of all, let’s fix the furniture firmly to the wall and ceiling to prevent falling. For this, chains, L-shaped instruments, brace rods etc. are effective.
Also, even if you can prevent falling of furniture, it is still dangerous if things on top of it and stored items fall.
Do not put a chain on the door type shelf and do not open it by vibration, and do not put anything on the top.

Lighting, mirror, frame, risk of broken interior

I already wrote about the dangers of window glasses and countermeasures, but other furniture such as lights, mirrors, picture frames, glass interiors and other things that could break might all cause injuries. Please take the following measures.
For lighting first, let’s choose the direct attachment type on the ceiling to prevent the earthquake shaking greatly. Also, in case of cracking, it may be better to choose a type with a cover to prevent scattering of debris. Scattering prevention type fluorescent lamps are also sold, and such things are also effective for earthquake countermeasures.
For the mirror stand, let’s take almost the same measure as the window glass (not putting it near the bed and putting a protective film on the mirror).
As a general rule we recommend not to decorate the frame or interior that breaks in the bedroom.

Disaster prevention goods to put on the bedside

As measures to be taken when an earthquake occurs during sleeping, it is important not only to devise the above measures to make it difficult for injuries to occur, but also to prepare for calm and evacuation. From the usual place put necessary disaster prevention goods on the bedside, let’s make it evacuable at any time.
The first thing mandatory is a flashlight. If an earthquake occurs during sleep and power outages occur, it will be dark, so you need a light to light your feet and hand.
Always check the remaining battery level to get up so that it can be used properly in emergency.
Next let’s leave your shoes on. Since there is a fear that glass is scattered in the house, moving without shoes is very dangerous.
Even at least the above two are necessary, but if you prepare also for gloves and other people if you need glasses or medications you normally take, you will not panic.



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