I will decide on contact methods for disaster prevention

About the contact method in case of earthquake

In case of an earthquake it is important to get in touch with family and friends. If you do not understand your safety, your mental burden will increase, and it will sometimes be dangerous to start moving to confirm your safety. One of the contact methods when you have a disaster message dial. This is a service provided at the time of disaster occurrence, you can record voice for 30 seconds by calling “171” from fixed phone, mobile phone, public phone, etc. and save it for 2 days. If you tell it that it is safe here and record it, you can rest assured by listening to it when other family members call. There is no difficult operation in the recording format, there is also a merit that even elderly people can handle it without problems. Be aware that you do not know unless you know the existence of “171”.

How to contact using mobile phone

Each mobile phone company provides services that can be contacted in the event of a disaster. Basically, you can leave a message about your own safety about 100 characters, and you can confirm your safety by entering the phone number of the person who wants to know the news . There are other cases where you can contact with twitter, facebook, Line etc. by operating the mobile phone. In the event of a disaster, there are cases where the phone will not connect, but it is not uncommon for these contacts to be connected because they are via the Internet. In the event of a disaster, it is very important to inform as many people as possible about their own safety by fully utilizing the contact method of the terminal they have.

Importance of messages during disasters

In the event of a disaster, it is conceivable that the number of people using the telephone increases enormously. If it is a normal line it will puncture quickly. So NTT is now offering a service called Disaster Message Dial (171). With this dial you can exchange information in the form of a message, not a call. Bidirectional communication is always carried out for calls, whereas messages only record and play back messages, so the burden on the line is very small. In this way we are able to confirm our safety in case of emergency. A disaster message dial is not provided when disaster is not occurring and will be provided only in the event of a disaster. Whether or not it is currently available can be checked on NTT’s website.

Safety confirmation efficiently on the communication network

In the event of a disaster, there are many cases where people frequently contact people who want to know their safety, but if the contact concentrates on a specific person, the phone will not function properly. In addition to not being able to quickly confirm safety, it is also possible that you get anxious because the phone did not connect properly. Therefore, we recommend that you prepare a communication network for disasters. It is effective to clarify who is taking safety of who and how to communicate. However, if there is only one pattern in the communication network, the communication network will not function just because the communication ceases somewhere. So it is important to prepare several patterns and build a flexible communication network. And sometimes it is necessary to keep in touch with you without being bound by the communication network.

A contact card useful in the event of a disaster

If a disaster occurs, even if the life is safe, you can not get in touch with injuries due to injuries or it may be transported to a hospital. In that case, it is necessary to promptly contact the family members, but if the person does not possess anything to identify, I can not contact them. So contact cards are useful. A contact card is a card that simply lists names, emergency contacts, family evacuation places, etc. By looking at this card you will know where you should contact even if you are not yourself. This card is made very easy to understand, so special knowledge is not necessary for those who contact and look at the card. The importance of this contact card is high because there are few people who carry a card with a phone number written unexpectedly.



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