How to choose an earthquake-resistant bookshelf

Risk of falling bookshelf due to earthquake

Such a big bookshelf, it can not be fallen down.
Is not it seemed like that?
In fact, in the past, people who got injured or lost their lives due to the disaster of the past were often taken time to escape due to the fall of furniture, and they were delayed running away.
For example, a case where the doorway was closed due to a fall of furniture, and it took time to escape.
In addition, the fallen furniture caused falls and the body could not escape.
If furniture collapsed in everyday life, it would be calmly thoughtful to deal with whether to ask the contractor to bring together the forces together with their families.
But what can you do in an emergency?
The entrance of the room was closed due to the fall of the furniture, even cell phones may not be available. Or you may not be able to move as underlay.
So, in order to avoid these situations as much as possible, let’s prepare in advance.

Suspension prevention with falling prevention function

When an earthquake occurs. It is easy to imagine that there is a gap between the bookshelf and the ceiling as one reason why the bookshelf collapses.
However, in such a case, it is not easy to fill the gap with the presence at home, so that the bookshelf does not collapse.
Therefore, I recommend it is a bookshelf with a tendency prevention brace function.
Tipping prevention brace function is to prevent falling by fixing the gap between the bookshelf and the ceiling of the room.
For example, as a way to fall down on a bookshelf, I think that you can imagine that it falls down in front.
Why would that make the gap between the bookshelf and the ceiling to stretch each other? It is difficult to collapse.
Also, I think that you know that there is pitch and roll in the tremor of the earthquake.
Depending on how you shake, it is said that not only will the furniture collapse in front but also move like a jump.
Even from such a thing, it is safe to fix the gap between the bookshelf and the ceiling with a bookshelf with a tipping prevention brace function!

Horizontal division is dangerous, integral type recommendations

There are also types of bookshelves, one type of one like a single box and the other of which is divided into upper and lower originals.
Types that are divided into upper and lower stages can be stacked up or stacked sideways, according to your own usage.
Also, considering that it is possible to divide and move even when you want to rearrange the indoor furniture, the burden of that work will be small. It is convenient to be able to disassemble according to the situation.
However, when an earthquake strikes, it may be replaced by a problem that is convenient.
For example, when it shakes violently with an earthquake. When it is a type of upper and lower division, there are cases where it will deviate from that division. It is dangerous if only the upper row falls.
However, the integral type is one box type. There is a danger of collapse on any bookshelf, but at least you do not have to worry that the split object has fallen from above. It is recommended to integrate in such a face.

Lowering the center of gravity, Recommended divergent type

Various kinds are also sold on the bookshelf, right? In general, there are also types that are common, slim type, and lower types are widening towards the end.
With ordinary bookshelves, the depth of each stage is unified.
Even slim type, the depth is unified, this is shallow.
Because of its shallowness, it is also a bookshelf for display. In case you want to store large books, it is mainstream to stand upright with the cover of the book facing so that it stands against the board.
In such circumstances, the more widowing type goes downward, the deeper it is. So, as a tendency of storage, big books will be closer to the bottom, small books will be closer to the top.
As a result, nature and center of gravity gather in the lower part.
Since it stabilizes when the center of gravity is low, there is little anxiety even when there is a slight earthquake shake.
For the divergent style, high to low stuff is sold. Therefore, if you are looking for a bookcase that owns a lot of books and has a high height, it is recommended that the end style is widely used among them!

Recommended bookshelf

If you are a short bookshelf you will not feel a sense of pressure in the interior. I will be able to easily change my room, feel free to change myself.
Compared to that, if it is a tall bookshelf, it seems to be a hard time.
As a reason for choosing a low bookshelf, I think that some people are thinking about such merits and demerits at first.
However, there is also a merit that the damage is small at the time of an earthquake as a big advantage.
For example, when a tall bookshelf falls towards you. Depending on its size, in some cases the whole body may be caught and the movement can not be taken.
Also, when the bookshelf collapsed and the doorway was closed. Just because you are big because you do not have the power to do it yourself, it is not easy to shift it sideways instead.
Because a tall bookcase lying in a messed room. Under such circumstances, it may not even have space to shift sideways.
On that point, if you are a short bookshelf, that probability will also drop.
Also, the earthquake countermeasure of a short bookshelf is to belt the back and the wall that is in contact with it. So you can put things on the top of the book as you like.
To those worried about these things, a short bookshelf is definitely recommended!



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