Earthquake countermeasure by effective use of closet

Earthquake countermeasure using a closet

Is there anyone who has a closet at home, is it fully utilized?
It is a space to store futon originally, but it is a waste space to use in storing only futon.
For winter duvets and blankets etc. can be used as a space for the warehouse to be secured as long as the other things can be stored well as long as you can use the compression bag etc. well.
Especially if you store the disaster prevention goods together with water and canned goods which are kept aside, and also earthquake countermeasures for disaster prevention, you can take emergency food etc. of the necessary part quickly, in case of emergency, it is called a closet as a storage place It can be said that it is the best place.
Also, at the time of an earthquake the doors and others are distorted and it is difficult to open if you have something difficult to open, you will often hear with disaster prevention information, but it is a good place to open and close easily because many things are for bran.

Costume cases are useful at earthquakes

The advantage of the costume case is that it is light and durable.
It is very difficult to bring out the chest of drawers in emergency, but in the case of costumes it is almost plastic
It is very light as there are many things I can do.
Moreover, even if clothes and everyday goods inside are put together and stored, it can also be used as a simple suitcase without fail if it is neatly tidied up.
Furthermore, as the shape is solid, when an emergency occurs, you can use it outdoors as a wall, or use the costumes case as a chair or table in various ways.
It is a story that there are many people who frequently ask and use it as well as keeping seal stamps.
I think that evacuation can also be made without panic if they are stored together in an emergency.

Use the characteristics of loft well

In most cases the loft is made for the purpose of effectively utilizing the space near the ceiling.
Therefore, in the case of bedroom, futon is placed and there is little furniture so there is no worry that the furniture will collapse and become an underlay first.
Moreover, those who are using for storage as a door are easy to manage because they are wider than closet and closet and wide.
If you keep it clean and neat, you can quickly retrieve what you need. If this is a closet, something is on something you need, it will take a lot of trouble because you have to do something.
In the event of an earthquake, it may be life-threatening in 1 second increments.
If you look like a loft and have prepared a disaster prevention article by earthquake countermeasures in a wide space, you are safe in emergency.

Earthquake countermeasure taking advantage of the characteristics of the storeroom

Basically, putting something on the outside is the most important point.
Because it is a thing to put outside, this is very safe in that the key is attached.
In addition, there are quite a lot of space and there are quite a lot of things, so you can use it as an evacuation place depending on the place in emergency.
The act of taking things in the house when the house collapses due to an earthquake is too dangerous, but if it is a siding outside, there is no such worry.
If you keep it as a permanent storage place for disaster-prevention goods, it is also possible to evacuate soon as you arrive without worrying about anything when an earthquake occurs.
Since it is okay to go to collect the things kept in a storage store afterwards, it will be less underlaying of the buildings and because we are stronger than anything, we do not need to worry about them.

To prepare for emergency, make efforts to reduce things

What I suffer from is what leaves and what I can give up.
Of course, life is top priority.
Food and money, clothing, precious metals, etc. I think that each person is a priority, but it is necessary for living and still can not move even with one person has no meaning at the time of a disaster.
This is not slow but can run with it.
In the situation where 1 minute 1 second becomes important, you must be able to move with full power.
So we have to make efforts to sort out what you need from usual and reduce things.
By doing so, what you need is naturally left for you, and it is easy to manage from the usual way.
Apart from that, you probably need to think about how to protect people who can not reduce them anyhow.
Just the less it is the less. At that time, I think that it will be less spiritual damage when lost.



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