If not installed properly the brace bar for the prevention of falling of the furniture penetrates the ceiling

To prevent damage to houses such as furniture, ceilings and walls due to earthquake shaking, to secure evacuation routes, to prevent themselves from cracked dishes and glass, etc. Prevention by falling-prevention brace-like tools It will be an effective means.
However, these preventive goods can not obtain sufficient effect unless they are installed properly in the correct position, but on the other hand, they may hurt the house.
There are also many reports that the big Osaka north earthquake that occurred on June 18, 2018 also broke the ceiling by violent thrusting, the big hole was emptied, the brace was broken and the furniture had fallen down .
When installing a brace bar it is very important to check and attach furniture wood, ceiling thickness, installation situation and so on in advance.

It is important that the position of the brace bar is not the thin ceiling board but the place where the beam is placed.
The ceiling has a structure with the ceiling board attached under the beam, there is space to empty the beam and the ceiling board, and it is filled with soft material such as insulation generally in general.
In addition, the ceiling board is basically just a thin plate because its ceiling is weakly durable, and if a strong force is applied from above and below it will crack or pierce.
In the event of an earthquake the thrust bar breaks through the ceiling is not installed along the durable beam but it is a big cause that it is installed just under the ceiling board with low durability.
Therefore, when installing a brace bar it is necessary to check which part of the ceiling the beam passes through and install it at a position along the beam.

The bracing rod supports the ceiling and furniture with a point, and when an earthquake occurs, a large force is applied to one point, which causes the hole in the ceiling to become empty if not installed according to the beam.
However, there are many cases where it is difficult to place furniture right under the beam, such as where the installation situation and size of the furniture, the housing environment, where the beam actually exists, etc. are not known.
In that case, measures can be taken by installing thick plates sold at home centers etc. by clamping them between the push rods and the ceiling.
By doing this, the ceiling and the brace bar are grounded by “plane” instead of “point”, so even if a large force is applied, such as when an earthquake occurs, the force will be dispersed without concentrating on one point Because it protects the ceiling.

However, even if measures are taken by capping a strong plate between the ceiling and the brace bar, the ball may still penetrate the thin plate with the brace of the point.
If the ceiling board itself is thin and there is no effect on the countermeasure itself, or if a plate with sufficient thickness is not caught, the possibility of breaking through the ceiling will be high if strong pitching continues.
There is a case that the installation method becomes insufficient because there is one way to chew the board because there is one extra thing. Depending on the type and length of the shake of the earthquake, the board is displaced and it becomes impossible to obtain sufficient effect In some cases it leads to it.
Moreover, since it will be to install something outside the ready-made item, the appearance is not so good that it may destroy the atmosphere in the room.

A brace bar for preventing falling is generally a type in which two rods are attached to the left and right, respectively
Recently there are also selling things that make the top and bottom grounding surfaces bigger, and the brace bar with the large vertical plate in advance.
https://item.rakuten.co.jp/kagudoki/buo 1004833/
The type that supports with such a surface is hard to come off and be able to withstand even larger force than the type that supports the ground with a large point.
It also makes it easy to install and remove, as well as prevent the injury of the ceiling and furniture due to the installation itself.
The proper use of these types depending on the housing environment and the type and position of the amount to be installed is also important for preventing falls.



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