Prevent the TV from falling due to earthquakes

Risk of TV fall due to earthquake

Recent televisions have become thinner and lighter compared to the old CRT televisions, so some people may think that there will not be a major injury if an earthquake comes and collapses.
However, it is very dangerous that current flat-screen TVs are easy to fall down, they may jump out because of their lightness and not taking any measures.
Although it is lighter than a cathode-ray tube television, depending on the position, if it hits the head directly, it leads to a big injury.
If you have not fixed the TV, the TV will shake violently in the event of an earthquake, it is highly likely to fall.
If you are laying a futon under the TV and you are sleeping there will be a shock.
Also, when there is a small child, the impact when the TV falls becomes even bigger.
Even if it is a thin and light television, the risk of falling or flying due to an earthquake becomes rather large, so it increases the risk of injury.

How to stick the adhesive mat correctly, how to peel off

“Sticky mat” is sold to prevent the TV from falling due to earthquake shaking.
Because it is just pasting, it will be a fall prevention goods that can be done easily.

Since it is not necessary to open holes in furniture or walls with tools, it is attractive to use in rental apartments, condominiums, apartments without problems, but if you make a mistake on how to paste, you can not fully demonstrate the earthquake resistance effect.

Paste the effect so that it is symmetrical to the four corners, that is, symmetrical.
I will evenly paste the rest so that it will be symmetry at even intervals.

Depending on the TV, there are some that the base is not square.
In the case of such a television, I will stick adhesive mats in order from the most sinking part.

The size of TV has size, the larger the number of inches, the heavier it becomes, the center of gravity becomes higher.
Be aware that the larger the TV, the more force is applied to the pedestal so that it may collapse if the way of sticking the sticky mat is sweet, so firmly sticking it so that it is symmetrical is effective for earthquake resistance It is a point to make it demonstrate.

In addition, it is difficult to peel off sticky mats as time passes after pasting.
It is a card that no longer uses helping to strip such an adhesive mat.

Put water in a small container, soak the card and wet it.
Insert wet cards between the installation surfaces and gradually peel off little by little.
Put the underlay or cardboard in the gap as it peels off.
If the cards are bent and you can not insert it well, use a spatula that cuts the tip diagonally makes it easy to peel off.

Wire is strong against prevention of falling forward, but attention to toppling backwards

Some people use wires to prevent the TV from falling due to the earthquake, but you need to know the characteristics of the wire.
The advantage of the wire is to prevent the wire from falling down by attaching it to the back of the TV.

Although the wire has a forward fall prevention effect, it has a characteristic that can not be prevented when falling backwards.

Although the wire can reduce the risk of falling forward, depending on the installation condition of the TV, it may collapse behind and damage the liquid crystal panel may occur.

I think that it would be good to wire the same way in front of the TV, but it is not good at appearance and becomes obstructive when you are watching.

Therefore, in order to prevent falling forward and backward we recommend you to prevent falling-down prevention goods of stay type.
Like the wire, the stay type is attached to the back side of the TV as well as the wire, but because it is excellent in elasticity, slack is less likely to occur compared to the wire, and we will respond to the shaking behind.

Let’s fix not only the TV but also the TV stand

Some people think that it is safe to fix the TV with wires or mats that prevent the TV from falling due to the earthquake, but you need to fix not only the TV but also the TV stand.

Even in the event of an earthquake, the TV stand is broken and there is a danger that the TV falls down, so just fixing the TV does not rest assured, fixing the TV stand will be more useful for preventing the fall.

Since the center of gravity of the television is high, it is necessary to take measures against falling down on the TV stand because it may fall over with just fixing the TV to the TV stand.

Although there are many things with casters on the TV stand, attach a kit to fix the casters, make sure not to move, use the belt, tie a strong string to the hook, use the clip By fixing to a wall or a pillar, you can expect a fall prevention effect for each TV stand.

The wall-hanging TV will also be an earthquake countermeasure

“Wall hanging TV” is effective to eliminate the risk of falling TV.

Unnecessary, unnecessary, by attaching to the wall prevents the TV from dropping and every TV on the platform due to the earthquake shaking.
If you fix it to the wall, you do not have to use the earthquake countermeasure goods, because the TV will not collapse, it is safe in families with especially small children.

Wall-hanging television has a hassle to open a hole in the wall first and work with equipment and tools, but you do not have to worry about whether the TV will collapse due to the earthquake, wall-hanging television shakes corresponding to 6 strong seismic intensity Because it is said that it will not fall against, it can be said that it will be sufficient earthquake countermeasures.

Wall-mounted televisions are fixed by fixing brackets on the wall and fixing them on the wall, so it is okay if it is not a huge earthquake that will collapse the walls themselves and it reduces the risk of collapsing and risking injury, so wall hanging It can be said that it is worth having a TV.



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