Movie of earthquake shelf

Movie taken with the viewpoint that the bookshelf falls asleep in front of the bookshelf in the event of an earthquake

It is a movie of a state that the bookshelf collapses with an earthquake.
We set up book shelves of normal height 180 cm and book shelves with earthquake resistance side by side, and are shaking with intensity of 6 strong.
The result was a normal bookshelf collapsed with Dawn!
I am shooting with a camera to look up from the floor, but this is a tremendously terrifying sight, considering that I am sleeping in a futon.
On the other hand, the earthquake-resistant bookshelf has been fluffing without falling down even with a tremor of 6 strong seismic intensity!

Comparative video of furniture toppled over by earthquake and furniture that prevented collapse thanks to earthquake resistance function

This experiment movie is a movie that you learn quite a lot.
When an earthquake with a seismic intensity of 6 occurred, after 2 seconds the contents jumped out and dropped, after 5 seconds the furniture itself swayed so that it could not pick up again, it collapsed completely after 8 ~ 9 seconds.
However, the furniture with the earthquake resistant function remains without falling and not falling.
Everything is safe without dropping out the contents, thanks to the fall prevention function.
It is also very important to store books and store them.
Also, low furniture that is placed between us is saved without failing.
However, because the phone and the stored items of the plants have fallen, you can see that these figurines need to be fixed.

Experimental movie against rolling of earthquake-resistant bookshelf

We are experimenting by shaking the earthquake-resistant bookshelf for about 10 seconds each, starting with a little seismic intensity of less than 5, strong seismic intensity of 5, intensity of 6, weak intensity of 6 and seismic intensity of 7.
You can see the intensity of the shake by looking at how the orange light hanging in the center shakes.
However, the earthquake resistant bookshelf is not collapsed!
I see a lot of bookshelves similar to this, but there is probably no other brace bookcase that proves that I will not collapse in an earthquake experiment so far.
However, because the experimental seismic car is carried out in a solid iron box, the conditions are different from the actual wooden building.
The fact that the ceiling, the floor and the walls fixing the bookshelf are more robust should also be remembered as a precondition.
But even with ideal conditions, the achievement that we endured up to the maximum seismic intensity of 7 is a really wonderful function.



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