Earthquake countermeasure which can also be rented

Most of the rental property can not pierce the ceiling or the wall

Earthquake countermeasures are earthquake resistance of buildings and fixation of furniture. People who fix furniture are increasing year by year, and some people are taking measures to fix with L brackets. Some people say that they have not taken measures to prevent falls, there are voices saying that they are troublesome, and that they are procrastinating. However, there are also reasons for hurting furniture and walls, and reasons that the room looks bad. There may be people thinking that it is not only troublesome. However, this is actually the voice of a person living in a rental property. When you leave the rental, you need to recover the state. Restoration of the original state imposed on the borrower as an obligation is to restore the damage and scratches of the housing caused by the borrower’s responsibility such as use by the borrower’s intentions, negligence or usual usage at the time of leaving . If it hurts, it becomes a burden of the borrower. Therefore, it is impossible to open holes and fasten them with screws.

On the furniture, a brace

Even if the building can withstand the earthquake, furniture may fall and injure you. A heavy bookshelf and rack collapsed on the head, and those who died also are among the victims of the big earthquake. In addition, tableware cracks as a cupboard collapses, and there is plenty of injury due to fragments of broken glass when you evacuate. Even if the building is tightly seismic-resistant measures, we will not take measures against the earthquake of furniture and appliances in the room. In other words, it is important to devise measures to countermeasures against earthquakes on your own, and to take measures to prevent injuries due to furniture and home appliances. In renting, you may have trouble by opening a hole. It is a telescopic rod for fall prevention that I recommend so that there is no such thing. It is installed between furniture top plate and ceiling. No tools required, anyone can easily install. We recommend installing it on furniture with a short distance between the ceiling and furniture and with depth. Since there is no effect when the rod is tilted, please install so that it is straight.

Under furniture, stopper, mat

Earthquake resistant measures that must be done for any house. When procrastinating saying that it is troublesome, there is a danger of suffering a serious injury when an earthquake occurs, worst worst life. Since we are a house with earthquake-resistant structure, thinking that it is irrelevant is a death. Let ‘s never let out of our way. It is enough to fix with a ceiling such as a stretch rod, a brace bar, etc. by earthquake resistance measures in leasing, but you can expect to have effects by attaching stoppers and mats etc. below. It is a sticky mat, stuck under furniture and appliances, and fix it at the installation place. Because it uses super adhesive / super repulsive gel material with high energy absorption rate, it absorbs the earthquake shake and prevents falling. In particular, it is effective when used for home appliances such as microwave ovens, televisions, and personal computers.

Improvement by measures against double up and down

In fact besides brace rods and telescopic rods that fix furniture and ceiling, there are other ways to fix them. Goods to prevent furniture and walls from sticking apart by L type furniture prevention fall goods. It is convenient because there is no need to drill a hole in the wall. However, as there is a possibility that the adhesive strength may weaken, let’s check regularly that adhesion is sustained. As a way to further improve the effect of earthquake resistant measures, it is a method of fixing both the wall and the floor. Fasten the ceiling and furniture with a brace or a telescopic rod. And, between the floor and the furniture, the absorption rate is high, it fixes with a non-repulsive adhesive mat. If you do this, you can expect quite a bit of earthquake. There are various goods such as adhesive mats and stoppers. In case of further earthquake resistance improvement, it is recommended to fix in three places.

Do not forget to prevent the falling of the stored items

For books stored on a bookshelf, keep heavy dictionaries, reference books, books and cartoon magazines etc. down and devise them so that the center of gravity faces downward. Put a light thing, for example, paperback and paperback manga size, leave it on. For the fall of the book, we will take measures against earthquakes using the fixing method we wrote above. There are various other methods besides placing heavy things on the bottom to prevent other cupboards, shelves, shelves and other falls. Cupboards may be glass doors as well. For that reason, you can paste a glass film and prevent the scattering of glass. And the method of attaching the key to the door to which the glass film is pasted is also effective. Similarly for the shelves and shelves, if there is a key on the drawer, close it securely so that it does not fly. If there is a movable shelf board in the shelf, adjust with the shelf board. Of injured people, injuries due to falling objects account for half. It is necessary to recognize that fixation and fall prevention are lifelines.



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